Membership Options



The Regular Golf membership is the only membership with voting rights and includes all golf, dining and social privileges .  There is a one-time initiation fee, monthly dues, annual food & beverage minimum, annual service charge and an annual capital contribution .


This membership is a great opportunity for a prospective member to try out the MCC to see if it is the right fit for them.  It will give them up to one year, non-renewable, to participate in the club as if they were a regular member.  This membership includes all golf, dining and social privileges with no restrictions.  The one-time initiation fee can then be used toward a Non-Refundable Equity membership. Annual golfers are required to pay monthly dues, annual food & beverage minimum, annual service charge and an  annual capital contribution .


Nominees for this membership must be 49 years of age or younger.  The member pays 1/3 of the initiation fee at time of joining, the second 1/3 at age 45, and the balance at age 50.  This membership offers full golf and dining privileges, but at half the dues.  This is a non-voting membership until the member pays the full balance of their initiation fee at age 50.  At that time they become a regular member and pay all regular member dues.


This summer golf and dining membership is effective from 5/1 to 10/31 annually. The summer golf member has full golf and dining privileges.  There is an initiation fee, food and beverage minimum plus a service charge.  The member may extend their membership by paying the remaining of the initiation fee for the membership they choose.


Social members pay a one-time initiation fee and annual dues; there is no food and beverage minimum.This membership does not have golfing privileges but can partake in all dining and social activities.


This is a golf membership tailored specifically for Continuing Care Retirement Communities, such as Moorings Park. These members have full golf privileges. They can join us for lunch only with no food minimums.  Social activites are not included except Twi-nite golf and dinner.